AC and DC power electronics applications capacitors (intended for various AD-DC applications where high current and frequency are required).

, CML8 Series, Meco Capacitors

The power electronics is the branch of electrotechnique with the objective to study the static conversion
of electrical energy.
The power electronics handles, processes and modifies the electrical energy in static mode, therefore permitting:
– a more flexible and appropriate usage of electrical energy
– a considerable enhancement of handling, transportation and distribution of electrical energy
with a view to energy saving.
The power electronics is the technology associated with conversion, control and efficient modification
of the electrical power starting from the available input to transform it into the desired output.

These capacitors are intended for various AC and DC applications where high currents and frequencies are required.
The most important applicance of capacitors in the power electronics are filtering, protection, commutation,
energy storage, resonant circuits and many others.
AC Filtering
For the application “filtering in alternated” the capacitor is excited with a fundamental current that is u
ually at 50 or 60 Hz. Besides the fundamental, there are one or more harmonics that generate high currents.
The values of these currents must be known and must not exceed the maximum values declared in the r
espective specifications.
Typical application of these capacitors is in filters at the output of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
where there are several harmonics.
DC Filtering
For the application “filtering in direct” the capacitor is excited by two voltages. One is the direct current
that can arrive up to 10000 Vdc and the other is the alternated current (ripple voltage) but the frequencies
can be in the region of kHz .
The very high frequency and the high values of the capacitances, up to thousands of μF, generate currents,
that can also be hundreds of ampères.
In protection circuits
These are used to build RC circuits in parallel to semi-conductors to protect them from overvoltages.
In this application, the capacitors are submitted to very high, but short lasting, current peaks.

Caratteristiche tecniche
Technical details
Tensione nominale RMS (Urms)
Rated RMS voltage (Urms)
230, 330, 450, 500
Tensione AC nominale (UN)
Rated AC voltage (UN)
352, 465, 630, 700
Frequenza nominale
Rated frequency
50/60 Hz
Tolleranza capacità
Capacitance tolerance
Dispositivo di sicurezza
Safety device
Categoria climatica
Climatic category
Temperatura massima d’esercizio -Ѳmax
Maximum operating temperature -Ѳmax
Temperatura minima d’esercizio -Ѳmin
Minimum operating temperature -Ѳmin
Temperatura massima punto più caldo -Ѳhs
Maximum hotspot temperature -Ѳhs
Temperatura di stoccaggio
Storage temperature
-40 +85°C
Tensione di prova

Test voltage
Tra i terminali: 1,5UN/3”
Verso massa: 3,6kV/3”

Between terminals: 1,5UN/3”
Between terminals and case: 3,6kV/3”
Viti M10
M10 Screw
Coppia massima serraggio terminali
Fixing screws maximum torque
Alluminio/Plastica UL94 V0
Aluminium/Plastic UL94 V0
Corrente massima terminali
Maximum terminal current
Grado di protezione
Protection degree
Norma di riferimento
Reference standard
IEC 61071
Aspettativa di vita
Life expectancy
100000 h
Umidità relativa
Relative humidity
≤2000 mslm masl


Improper use of the capacitor such as, for example, applications that involve exceeding the capacities and/or characteristics reported on a given capacitor, can cause an irreversible breakdown and/or breakage that can occur with the explosion of capacitor or with a deterioration such as to manifest loss of capacity, increase of power factor and permanent circuit interruption. Meco Capacitors declines any responsibility for damage to the capacitors, to persons or things deriving from improper or incorrect use of their products.
RoHS Directive
MECO Capacitors products are in line with the European directive 2002/95/EC already known as RoHS directive.