Motor start electrolytic double can insulated capacitors IP54

, CMEZ3 Series, Meco Capacitors

Double-potted design, protection according to IP 54, high current loading, connection cable,
mounting stud version applications for starting capacitors for single-phase motors with auxiliary phase.
– Insulated aluminium can – Protection according to IP54 – Twin core cable
– Double potted design – Discharge resitence15KΩ 2W on reques – Rubberized bakelite closure covert
– Motorstart – Whitegood motorcontrol

Caratteristiche Tecniche
Technical details
Categoria climatica10/65/21
Climatic category
Norma di riferimentoEN60252-2
Reference standard
Ciclo di inserzione0,55% - 20 inserzioni/ora di 1 secondo ogni 3 minuti
Duty cycle0,55% - 20 turns-on/hour of 1 second every 3 minutes
1,70% - 20 inserzioni/ora di 3 secondi ogni 3 minuti
1,70% - 20 turns-on/hour of 1 second every 3 minutes
FissaggioCodolo filettato M8 o M12
FikingM8 or M12 stud


Improper use of the capacitor such as, for example, applications that involve exceeding the capacities and/or characteristics reported on a given capacitor, can cause an irreversible breakdown and/or breakage that can occur with the explosion of capacitor or with a deterioration such as to manifest loss of capacity, increase of power factor and permanent circuit interruption. Meco Capacitors declines any responsibility for damage to the capacitors, to persons or things deriving from improper or incorrect use of their products.
RoHS Directive
MECO Capacitors products are in line with the European directive 2002/95/EC already known as RoHS directive.