Motor start electrolytic capacitors for single phase motors

, CME Series, Meco Capacitors


The electrolytic capacitors of the CME series are built by wrapping separate aluminum sheets between them by layers of paper engaged by an electrolyte. They are normally used in single – phase induction motors to increase the value of the starting torque. They provide an early current to the auxiliary winding of the engine. This start up is required in a limited time to a fraction of a second, or a few seconds and with the contribution of a high reactive power. Once the start-up phase has been completed, the condenser must be disconnected from the circuit. The electrolytic capacitor, due to the high capacity values and the small size, it is the ideal condenser f or this type of service. The capacitors of this series are made of thermoplastic material and come with double faston and flat bottom. On request they can be supplied with single faston, or bipolar cable, or M8 threaded tang. Always on request can be provided of discharge resistance (15K ÷ 39K), protective cover and fixing bracket.

Caratteristiche tecniche
Technical details
Temperatura di lavoro
Operating temperature
-10°C +65°C
Categoria climatica
Climatic category
Massima tensione 1/10 max periodo di avviamento
Max Voltage 1/10 max starting period
0.55% 1,1Vn
1,70% 1,2Vn
0 +20% ; ±10%
Fattore di potenza dopo applicazione Vn x 4 sec.
Power factor after application Vn x 4sec
0,55% 15% max
1,70% 10%max
Norma di riferimento Reference standardEN60252-2
Ciclo di inserzione
Duty cycle
3/0,55% - 20 inserzioni/ora di 1 secondo ogni 3 minuti
3/0,55% - 20 turn-on/hour of 1 second every 3 minutes
3/1,70% - 20 inserzioni/ora di 3 secondi ogni 3 minuti
3/1,70% - 20 turns-on/hour of 1 second every 3 minutes


Improper use of the capacitor such as, for example, applications that involve exceeding the capacities and/or characteristics reported on a given capacitor, can cause an irreversible breakdown and/or breakage that can occur with the explosion of capacitor or with a deterioration such as to manifest loss of capacity, increase of power factor and permanent circuit interruption. Meco Capacitors declines any responsibility for damage to the capacitors, to persons or things deriving from improper or incorrect use of their products.
RoHS Directive
MECO Capacitors products are in line with the European directive 2002/95/EC already known as RoHS directive.