Automatic power factor correction equipment

, QARM SERIES, Meco Capacitors

This series is particularly suitable for the small and middle users, the possibilityy of have thin regulations of the first step it allow to the plant of follow small variations of inductive load particularly interesting for the small and medium user. The different configuration possible are suitable for all uses: from standard work cycle to 24h/24; from lower harmonic distortion to middle (THDic max allowed on the capacitors form 50% to 90%). For all systems are used load break switches with pre-opening contacts, and banks are protected by a set of three HRC fuses (NH00 type-curve gG) with high breaking capacity (100kA). For high reliability each bank of capacitors is controlled by its own three-pole contactor, to limit the switching on inrush current each contactors is provided with resistors. Rated voltage of the auxiliary circuits 380V 50Hz (other available on request). The ventilation is made by channels for natural air circulation and are equipped with latest microprocessor regulator with backlit LCD display multilanguage with text and icons and programmable alarm with possibility of remote control. The capacitors used are self-healing high energy density polypropylene metalized single-phase with overpressure safety device and discharge resistor, PCB free, produced by MECO.


• Robust sheet steel 15/10 RAL 7035 Painted

• Contactor with damping resistors to limit capacitors’ inrush current

• N07V-K self-extinguish cable

• Protection degree IP3X (outdoor) – IP2X only on the live parts (indoor)

• Hinged door with safety screw lock

• Load break switches with pre-opening contact

CEI EN 60831-1/2 (capacitors) CEI EN 60439-1/2 CEI EN 61921-1 (pannel)


Caratteristiche tecniche
Technical details
Tensione circuiti aux
Auxiliary circuit voltage
Tensione nominale impiego
Rated voltage
Frequenza nominale
Rated frequency
Sovraccarico in tensione
Max Overload current
1.3ln - 1.5ln
Sovraccarico in tensione
Max working voltage
Tensione isolamento
Insulating voltage
Classe di temperatura quadro
Cabinet temperature range
-5 +40°C
Classe di temperatura condensatori
Capacitors temperature range
-25 +55°C
Dispositivi di scaricaSu ogni condensatore
On each capacitors
Collegamenti interni
Capacitors connetion
A triangolo
Perdite totali
Total losses
Per interni
Norma di riferimento
Reference standard
CEI EN 60831-1/2 CEI EN 60439-1/2 - 61921-1
≤2000 mslm masl


Improper use of the capacitor such as, for example, applications that involve exceeding the capacities and/or characteristics reported on a given capacitor, can cause an irreversible breakdown and/or breakage that can occur with the explosion of capacitor or with a deterioration such as to manifest loss of capacity, increase of power factor and permanent circuit interruption. Meco Capacitors declines any responsibility for damage to the capacitors, to persons or things deriving from improper or incorrect use of their products.
RoHS Directive
MECO Capacitors products are in line with the European directive 2002/95/EC already known as RoHS directive.